The brand 1660 LONDON is the fusion of two great British passions, tea and porcelain. From the combined connoisseurship of tea smith Tim d’Offay and the ceramicist Peter Ting a brand that delivers an authentic tea life-style. The initial working relationship resulted in range of 3 tasting cups developed by d’Offay and Ting as the best shapes to release the full aroma and flavour of a variety of teas. To this will be added a full range of equipment to best enhance the serving and enjoyment of tea.
In 2012, 1660 LONDON received the Best New Product prize from 2012 World Tea Expo
in LA, entered V&A ceramic permanent collection. In 2013, Fortnum & Mason started
it's collaboration with 1660 London and our team designed the bespoke
patterns and packaging as well as curated the exhibition for the launching.
The logo is designed by our friend Mr. Smith.
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