Globally celebrated British ceramicist and designer Peter Ting, in conjunction with Royal Crown Derby Porcelain works in UK, is launching an exclusive series of table installations. The “Constellation” series will be given a subtitle of the name of the city it is first shown in. “Constellation Manhattan” will be the title of the first in the series, it is first showing is in the Asprey, New York, 2008

Ting has scoured the Royal Crown Derby factory archives for inspiration; his visits continue to reveal secret stories of long forgotten designs and prints. In “Constellation”, these discoveries are mixed with contemporary designs, juxtaposing pattern against pattern, creating a dynamic synergy within the whole.

The flowing composition, classic colours, perfection of craftsmanship, rich and intense gilding bear all the hallmarks of luxury and connoisseurship, honouring the traditions 
of both Asprey and Royal Crown Derby. The Hon. Hugh Gibson, Chairman & CEO of Royal Crown Derby says: “We were delighted to have Peter research our archives and
the classic blue, red and gold Imari patterns which, for over 200 hundred
years our company has also explored. Imari originally came from Mainland China and
then was embraced by the Japanese. With his extensive experience and Chinese background Peter has brought a fascinating, fresh perspective to “Constellation”,
and we are excited to be a part of its creation”.

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