"To hold" was a project that started in 2005, and concluded in 2006. It went through many stops and starts, and finally unveiled at Farmleigh Gallery, Farmleigh House, Dublin. Curating an exhibition is similar to baking, one weighs everything carefully, mixed them together as per the recipe, and set the timer accordingly. The real joy for me is thelicking of the bowl, the scraping out of the last drop of cream, the aroma filled kitchen as the cake rises in the oven, and the excitement of the first slice being cut, the second helping, the crumbs being polished off and the feeling of sinful fullness in ones belly. Equate it with setting up, unpacking, plinth colour choices, placing the work, private view… Well the end of the show will be like the empty cake plate, an inevitable conclusion. Keeping with this baking theme, 2 key ingredients are in the form of photographer Jan Baldwin and publisher Colin Sackett, their incredible eye and attention to detail has allowed the “to hold” to exist in book form long after the exhibition has ended.
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